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About Me

I graduated at the puppeteer school of the National Puppet Theatre in 1982. I was a founding member of the puppeteer workshop in Kecskemét (Ciróka Puppet Theatre) and the Maskarás Street Theatre. I both play and direct in puppet theatres and theatres, and I am interested in the training of puppeteers and the aesthetics of the puppet.
Tradition has a huge importance for me, which was also the reason why I have chosen the character of László Vitéz. This character represents the peak of puppet play for me. I have discovered roots of ancient myths and rites in it that lead to the Oriental and help both the actor and the audience get to mythical times even nowadays.
Puppet play is an ancient theatrical form.
I consider Henrik Kemény and Ildikó Kovács to be my masters. Henrik Kemény for giving us the tradition of László Vitéz, and Ildikó Kovács for teaching me her practice as a professional director and giving me my first László Vitéz puppet. I also had the opportunity to work with

Peter Schumann who gave me a new perspective to puppetry, and Josef Krofta who helped me tailor my acting.